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Giant Gorilla Dog Thing – “Clabznshit” comes out in a week. Here’s the first video, entitled “34 Intros,” featuring Has-Lo, J57, & DJ White Lotus. Do it.


elsphinx “Hippykoalafax” tees and tanks now available in our webstore. Quick, go get them!


Oh hey, guess what? We got another one for “Brain Cave Deluxe.” Count it.


There’s just over a week left before we release elsphinx’s “Brain Cave Deluxe”. He’s been working on this fucking thing for over three years, which may have left you wondering exactly where he’s been. Look no further, we have answers for you. Every single word of this song is true.

Now that you know exactly what that rascal’s been up to, it’s reminder time. You’ve only got 12 hours left to click this link and preorder the album. The shirt will never be available again, and not owning it could very easily ruin your entire life. Nobody wants their entire life to be ruined.


The day is finally upon us. Count your lucky stars, “Brain Cave Deluxe” preorders are available now. The vinyl? Clear, splattery, and in a pair. The shirt? Bright, tie-dyed, and referencing a song you haven’t heard yet. The shirt availability? Limited to preorders only, so don’t sleep. This preorder will end at midnight on May 29th, so you’ve got 2 weeks to get your shit together. If the preorder alone isn’t enough to get your blood submarine breakdancing, we figured today would be a good day to release the first video from this project out into the wild.

If you’re still not convinced, have a gander at the tracklisting for the album:
1. Meet Me In The Swamp
2. Cellar Door
3. Pork Swordsmen feat. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing
4. Up & Atom
5. Pocketwatch Therapy
6. Hi-Def Dream Theatre
7. Legit’s Tooth
8. Hippykoalafax / Trapped in the Hour of 8
9. Cities of Rust
10. Being Chased By Celestial Objects
11. Infinity Gauntlet feat. Devin B
12. Elements feat. Sime Gezus
13. Witch Hazel
14. WarPig feat. Jak Tripper
15. Got The Time feat. Alaska & The Secret Handshake
16. Farewell, Flora
17. Moth
18. (Bonus) Pork Swordsmen (J57 Remix)
Still not convinced? That’s unfortunate.
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