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The day is finally upon us. Count your lucky stars, “Brain Cave Deluxe” preorders are available now. The vinyl? Clear, splattery, and in a pair. The shirt? Bright, tie-dyed, and referencing a song you haven’t heard yet. The shirt availability? Limited to preorders only, so don’t sleep. This preorder will end at midnight on May 29th, so you’ve got 2 weeks to get your shit together. If the preorder alone isn’t enough to get your blood submarine breakdancing, we figured today would be a good day to release the first video from this project out into the wild.

If you’re still not convinced, have a gander at the tracklisting for the album:
1. Meet Me In The Swamp
2. Cellar Door
3. Pork Swordsmen feat. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing
4. Up & Atom
5. Pocketwatch Therapy
6. Hi-Def Dream Theatre
7. Legit’s Tooth
8. Hippykoalafax / Trapped in the Hour of 8
9. Cities of Rust
10. Being Chased By Celestial Objects
11. Infinity Gauntlet feat. Devin B
12. Elements feat. Sime Gezus
13. Witch Hazel
14. WarPig feat. Jak Tripper
15. Got The Time feat. Alaska & The Secret Handshake
16. Farewell, Flora
17. Moth
18. (Bonus) Pork Swordsmen (J57 Remix)
Still not convinced? That’s unfortunate.
If you’re too lazy to click “store” on the menu above, here are some words you can click on instead to achieve the same end result.


It’s been a long time coming, but we here at Pig Food Records are pleased to FINALLY announce the release of “Brain Cave Deluxe”. This is the album that elsphinx had been working on before joining forces with us, and even then it was a strong project. Over the last couple of years, it’s gone through a lot of permutations. Tracks have been added. Tracks have been cut. Songs have been remixed. Guests have been added. Videos have been shot. Mixes have been crispified. Packaging has been worked and reworked. What we’re presenting to you is as close as we know how to get to a perfect product.
If you’re not familiar with elsphinx, then it’s frankly kind of strange that you’re on this website. Go learn something, then re-read this whilst salivating. We’re not giving too much away just yet, but we do have a couple of delicious tidbits for you to savor.
Tidbit #1 – The official release date is June 5, 2015. It’ll be available pretty much everywhere that digital music is sold. We’re not just sharting it out into the ether though, you’ll also be able to purchase it right here in 2XLP format. Just looking at the vinyl will make you stronger, taller, and more favorable to the sex that you like to sex.
Tidbit #2 – Preorders will begin next Friday, May 15th, and end two weeks later on May 29th. You’ve got one week… er I guess 3 weeks really… to do as much babysitting and lawnmowing as humanly possible. Stack chips. Buy shit. Support weird art.
Get there.
More info coming soon, we promise.


There are some things that for a while now, I’ve thought needed to be said. Maybe they don’t, I’m not sure. All I know is that we’ve been doing this Pig Food Records thing for over 4 years now, and we don’t really have much of a catalog to show for it. We don’t release a project every month. Shit, sometimes we don’t even release a project every 6 months. To some, that may make it appear that this is just something we do for shits and giggles. To an extent, it is. But to a much larger extent, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Pig Food Records is Dezmatic and Dood Computer. It’s Dan and Mitch. It’s really just been the two of us since the beginning. It’s been our time, our money, our connections, our vision, and our execution on everything the label name has ever been attached to. We have always been of the belief that any artistic endeavor that we decide to bring to life, should first exist on a solid foundation of friendship and mutual respect. Why? Because frankly, we’re not making any money. When the idea of some kind of immense financial gain is removed from the equation, the idea of basing decisions on anything other than friendship and talent becomes ridiculous.
We made the decision from day 1 that anything we ever decided to do, we would do the best way we possibly could. No shitty sounding mixes. No shitty looking album art. No ideas that had already been beaten to death by our peers. No half-ass promotion of shows. No last minute changes to release dates. Essentially, our plan was to make everything matter, and avoid releasing anything disposable at all costs. For the most part, I believe we’ve stuck to that philosophy. As we continue to move forward as a label, it’s something we cling to even tighter. As a result, things tend to get spaced out even MORE; ironically, making us seem less productive.
While in California a few weeks ago, Dan and I got involved in a conversation with someone that led us to actually count the amount of upcoming releases slated for PFR. Eleven. Eleven fucking releases. Granted, they’re in varying stages of completion, but there are eleven of them. Some are from artists that we’ve worked with from the gate. Others are from people you already love, but didn’t know we were friends with. Then, there’s a whole third category of upcoming releases that can’t even go under either of those headings… different types of releases and collaborations that we’re excited about specifically because they’re things we’ve never seen executed or even attempted before. We want to tell you about all of them, all the time, but that would be stupid. Suffice it to say, it’s impossibly difficult for either of us to even choose which ones to be the most excited for. That’s the thing though, we’re excited for them because making and releasing music is what we love. It’s what we’re good at. However, as a strictly two-man operation, there are things we’re not good at.
We fucking suck at shipping webstore orders. We’re terrible at it. Sometimes, it takes almost 2 months for one of us to actually get around to going to the post office. We’re working on it, I promise.
We fucking suck at social media. We know HOW to not suck at social media, but sometimes it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We’re working on it.
We fucking suck at updating this website. If you looked at it last month, you probably would have thought that Pig Food Records stopped existing 6 months prior, and we were just waiting for our hosting plan to expire. We’re working on it.
A lot of the issues that we deal with revolve around this simple idea – if we were constantly telling you what we were doing, there wouldn’t be any time to actually do it. There is a delicate balance that exists between the two, and as an independent label in what I would still consider our infancy, it’s one that we can admit to not yet having mastered. We’re working on it.
Maybe you needed to know that, maybe you didn’t. Regardless, Daniel and I want to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for sticking with us thus far on the journey. Thank you. As cliche as it may sound, we really are just getting started.
Oh, and Brain Cave Deluxe is going to change your fucking life.


Believe it or not, sometimes we think you should know about music that we’re not releasing. It IS rare, but sometimes things come out through other avenues that are actually worth listening to. Here are a couple of examples.
A hundred million years ago, our very own Alaska was a part of a group called Atoms Family. They’ve shaved their ranks down to 3 dudes (Alaska, Cryptic One, & Windnbreeze), and thus shaved “Family” off of their name. They’ve got a new album coming out entitled “SANDS”. The pre-order comes coupled with the download “DEMO’D”, a collection of old shit, now shit, and future shit. Totez worth it. Check it out below.

Actuator is 3 rad dudes. elsphinx. Sime Gezus. Big Malk. els & Sime rap. Malk makes the other sounds. We’re not actually sure what an actuator is, but it’s probably something sweet. Digital and physical preorders for the EP are available below. Get it.

Last but not least, do us a favor and click the “like” button on this video. I think Alaska gets credit at the weird rotating-sandwich vending machine at work or something if this video gets more votes than the rest of the submissions. Weird.


Giant Gorilla Dog Thing teamed up with north-of-the-border pal, former King of the Dot Champion, and 1/3 of Flight Distance, Bender, for the final video from their recently released “HORSE”. If you don’t own it yet, get your life together. It’s availalble digitally via iTunes and pretty much everywhere else. If you want a version you can rub and touch, it’s available in 2XLP format (whcih includes a digital download) here. Do it.


We did it. It’s a real thing. In real life. HORSE is here.
Not much else to say. You should buy it. Digital is here. 2XLP is here. You won’t be disappointed.
There’s even a new video for the Nottz-produced track “Should”. Get there.

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