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Giant Gorilla Dog Thing teamed up with north-of-the-border pal, former King of the Dot Champion, and 1/3 of Flight Distance, Bender, for the final video from their recently released “HORSE”. If you don’t own it yet, get your life together. It’s availalble digitally via iTunes and pretty much everywhere else. If you want a version you can rub and touch, it’s available in 2XLP format (whcih includes a digital download) here. Do it.


We did it. It’s a real thing. In real life. HORSE is here.
Not much else to say. You should buy it. Digital is here. 2XLP is here. You won’t be disappointed.
There’s even a new video for the Nottz-produced track “Should”. Get there.


Over a thousand sheets of paper later. A little under a thousand days of anticipation later. Somewhere around ten thousand dollars worth of reconstructive surgery later. This thing really exists in the world. And this victory is particularly sweet because there are twenty some odd people who collaborated on this project. Some contemporaries, yes. But more importantly all friends of ours, regardless of the music. Some make tattoos. Some make rap music. Some make jokes. Some make drinks. But one of these people known most for making people smile. We’ve dedicated this superfun, ridiculous, smokey, pukey, gnarly, snowleopardy, what-in-the-entire-world-of-fuck, piece of visual art to a friend who once said, “if it doesn’t make me laugh, don’t even bother”. Our friend Jess (Smiley).

We took a whole bunch of frames from her portion of this video, arranged them, and put them on a limited run of shirts, the proceeds from which will all go to the Donna Crandall Foundation to help Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families.(

This is also the official starting date for Giant Gorilla Dog Thing “HORSE” pre-orders. If you’re not a stupid, idiot, douchebag loser, click here to pre-order. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet (jerkoff), we are in fact releasing this record on full gatefold double LP. We’re also distributing it digitally for you radioactively inclined iPhone junkies. In addition to those, we have a limited run of t-shirts bearing the beastly emblematic album artwork from our good friend Honkey Kong (, as well as the equally limited Smiley shirt.

Don’t blow it.


Fucking finally.
You read it right, GGDT has finally decided to stop dicking around and release HORSE on March 28th. There are about 6,798 details to share, but we’ll do all that at a later date. For now, we just want you to know it’s happening. It’ll be available digitally, as well as in a gatefold double LP format. Fucking sexy. If you don’t believe us, here’s a video to confirm.


Some pretty exciting news today, at least we think so. Quite some time ago (2 years maybe?), our good friend Paul started making a documentary called “Adult Rappers”. It’s about… well… pretty much exactly what the title indicates. He approached us about having a couple of our very own in it, an opportunity we of course jumped at. So, Dez and Alaska are both IN the film.
He also asked us to make a song for it. We said yes, and then proceeded to drag our feet for way longer than we should have. We got it done though, and he loved it some much that he decided it had to be the music for the opening credit sequence. Fucking awesome. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and elsphinx rapping over a PJ Katz beat? Amazing. Duh. PJ Katz actually contributed a bunch of beats to the project as well.
Due to time restrictions, the song was cut to only one verse for the film, but he’s got some special plans for the release of the full track, which we will of course tell you about when we’re allowed to. For now, check out the credits below.

Adult Rappers: Opening Titles from @pawlmadethis on Vimeo.


As promised, we proudly present to you the video for “Beef Patty Freaks” featuring Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, elsphinx, Benn Grim, Grizzly Grimace, Alaska, and Dizzo. Produced by PJ Katz. This is only available on flexi-vinyl with the purchase of the 2013 Pig food Records X Seasons Skate Shop collaboration deck with art by Jeremy Fish, available TOMORROW (11/22). Don’t sleep. Ever.

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