Good afternoon, my name is President Barack Obama and I am honored to be asked to write a bio for my great pal Bradley. I call him that because we are friends, his rapping name is Dizzo though. As there are many things I could say about such a wonderful fellow, I think I will just quote his email asking me to write his bio verbatim. Here it is.

"Sup Barry! I wuz wonderin if u would b interested in writin my bio for the website. You're a good writer and people like you (sometimes LOLZ!) here's some things I'd like you to mention.
- I'm tall
- I was born in Wisconsin (don't live there anymore)
- brown hair
- I rap
- I make fun happy music
- I make sad miserable music
- met chuck d once (actually just shook his hand)
- l liked professional wrestling in highschool
- I like professional wrestling
- I'm a busy guy
- not allergic to anything
- not that interested in car culture
- not that interested in rap
- interested in wraps

Thanks man, good look with your job bro!
Bradley (Dizzo)

sent from my motorola razr"

Wow, what a great guy, and rapper. I hope you all enjoy him as much as I do.

God bless America
Barack Hussein Obama


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